Kurawaka Retreat Centre
Nau mai, haere mai!

Atua wĀhine 

The Goddess is Me.

E ngā māreikura – sisters descended from divinity!

Through the process of colonisation we have lost many stories and much knowing. The influence of Christianity, missionaries, and patriarchal Western views have left us with stories of Ngā Atua Māori (Māori Gods) and our cosmological origins that are missing vital key elements: Ngā Atua Wāhine – the goddesses.

Kurawaka has been founded in the knowings and love for our wāhine tīpuna. In our cosmological origins of feminine energy and strength. 

Come to Kurawaka to learn about and reconnect with these māreikura, and, in doing so, reclaim your Goddess Within!

Learn about Raina Ferris’ powerful and inspirational journey of discovery – reclaiming our stories in their wholeness and completeness, so that we, too, may become whole. 


I am the Goddess, and the Goddess is me!
Ko au te māreikura, ko te māreikura ko au!